European exchange concerning meaning and social needs for older people in May 2022

By Università degli Studi del Molise

International training course for professional in elderly care

In the framework of SEE ME project’s activities, a full 3-day European pilot training Course has been be developed and held in Italy. This took place at the University of Molise and has been based on the products of the previous Intellectual Outputs. From each partner of the consortium 2 members participated; the associate partners likewise contributed 2 participants: these are caregivers, and can be either formal, informal or volunteers.

European exchange in elderly care

During the training course, the caregivers acquired familiarity with the European training toolkit developed in the previous stages of the project. This was also the occasion to exchange knowledge, skills and good practices, to really have intercultural discussion and reflection. As a consequence of the pilot course, participants have learned how to transfer the contents and methodology used to other caregivers (formal, informal and volunteers) in their own organizations all throughout Europe. This was the ultimate goal.

Start of European action plans for elderly care

The training started with the development of a tailor-made action plan based on the working situation of the present participants, followed by moments of reflection aimed at optimizing their skills and competencies during their daily work. Due to the fact that the different caregivers have different working situations and different needs, this Pilot Course was a modular system consisting of the different concepts of the developed educational model and the training toolkit. A summary of this “European SEE ME pilot training course: training on how to use the training toolkit” has been developed and communicated in each partners’ language.

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